Top 10 Magical Tips - What Women Find Attractive In Men Is Not A Mystery Anymore

It is said, “God made man, and then said I can do better than that and made woman”. By creating women God has definitely added color to this world. Men try hard to impress attractive and nice-looking women around them but most of them have to face embarrassment and humiliation because they do not know what women find attractive in men.

If a man knows exactly what girls find attractive then their job to win the hearts of women will become much easier. Scholars, philosophers, poets and psychologists have spent years of their lives in answering this simple-looking yet complicated question.

In this article I have tried to compile a list of qualities which women find attractive and irresistible in men. These are in fact top 10 magical tips to win the heart of any women. Just follow the under mentioned golden words and see the miracles happening in the material world:-

1. A Nice Personality
A nice, pleasant and good-looking man is always liked by women. Most of the women prefer stylish, organized and sober men over ill-organized and non-serious ones. A lot of initial attraction of women depends on the physical appearance of men.

2. Character Is The Key
A sound character is the key to a long-lasting relationship. The most important and foremost aspect for a woman’s liking to a man is his character. An honest, trustworthy and sincere man is always in demand in the feminine world.

3. Strong And Muscular
Most of the women find attracted towards strongly built, brawny men. A woman needs protection in this world where the fittest is supposed to survive and a strong man can give her the best possible protection but it is not a compulsory rule.

4. A Smile Is Precious
A nice and balanced manly smile is always a huge turn on for women. If you really want to impress a beautiful girl then a nice smile can be your best weapon.

5. Look Natural Than Artificial
The beauty of a man is in his masculine appearance. The beauty of a man lies in his natural look instead of a waxed body served with pedicure and manicure. Look natural and get the women of your dreams love you.

6. Be Confident and In Control
Girls like guys with confidence and drive. Confident men with explorative nature are liked by women as they provide innovations in relationship. Majority of women like to be controlled during sex as well.

7. A Nice Sense Of Humor Always Pays
A nice and pleasant sense of humor combined with intelligence is always a huge relationship enhancer. Men with pleasing and enjoyable sense of humor always find a long queue of women waiting for them. They are never alone.

8. Women Adore Kid-Lovers
The list of qualities about “What women find attractive in men” is always incomplete without their adoration for the kid-lovers. Women always like the men who find it easy to make up with kids. Women consider such men extremely loving, passionate and affectionate.

9. Too Much Drinking or Smoking Is Bad
Excessive smoking or drinking causes dangerous diseases and thus serves as a mammoth turn off for 99% of the women. They cause deterioration in health. Occasional drinking and smoking is not bad but excess of everything is bad.

10. Women Love Hardworking Men
Women also find an admiration for hard-working men. Being able to work hard is one quality which guarantees success in any field of life and success is always a turn on for all ladies.

By keeping the above tips you can always find yourself in passionate relationships with nice and loving women. You will find it much easier to impress women in your first meeting if you follow the guidelines given in the above lines.

Make Women Laugh - Humor is Your Best Friend

Make Women Laugh CoverRight before I start the review of Make Women Laugh, let me tell you that humor is consistently mentioned as one of the main traits that women find attractive in a man. That’s because women tend to think of a lasting relationship more often than men and laughter, unlike looks, is one of the most important things that can make a relationship last for a long time.

Make Women Laugh’s main premise is that using humor to make women laugh will make them fall for you. While there are other factors that are involved, I agree 100% that spending an evening laughing until tears come out will guarantee that a woman will want to have another date with you. It’s human nature. Laughing makes you feel so psychologically and physically good.

The trick is to do it constantly over time. When you make a woman laugh on the first date, she’ll think “What a great date!” When you make a woman laugh on every date, she’ll think “What a great guy!”

Make Women Laugh is the result of extensive research on women psychology, men and women relationships, and comedy. While it has tips on dating and approaching women, the most outstanding feature of the book is that it actually teaches you techniques used by stand-up comedians, such as how to build a joke atmosphere, how to construct a joke, how to memorize funny material so it’s easy to retrieve, and most importantly, how to deliver a joke.

This might have a bigger impact on your social life than you think, going far beyond wooing that pretty girl you like. For example, you can become the center of attention of reunions, use humor to reduce your nervousness or anxiety in stressful or uncomfortable situations, or transform a boring work environment into a fun one.

With some creativity, you can use this guide in different ways. For example, if you make the waitresses at your favorite restaurant over time, you’ll always get superb service. And then, bring that special girl of yours for dinner. Women find attractive men that are genuinely appreciated by others.

So, whether you want to win a girl’s heart, be invited more often to parties, or give your first try at stand-up comedy, I recommend: Make Women Laugh. It’ll make women find you attractive, charming and interesting.

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What do Girls Find Attractive in Guys?

It isn’t easy to say in a few words what girls find attractive in guys, as they have a great range of interests and tastes, but there are some things that almost all of them find attractive.

One of the most important things women find attractive is confidence, real confidence. I’m talking about the one that both men and women can see when you walk or speak. This doesn’t involve self-brain washing or trying to appear something you’re not, but rather being sincerely proud of yourself.

Another trait that women find attractive is a good conversation. Women in general aren’t willing to have a second date with the most handsome of men if all he talks about is his favorite sports team (unless the girls is also a fan of said team, of course), or the reasons why he hates his job. Worse still is the one who can’t think of something to talk about. In general, the older women get, the more value they place in having a great time with a guy.

Humor is yet another quality that women find attractive, although it can be hard to get the amount and type right. Some women will find your jokes too stupid while others will find them too snob. In the beginning, avoid sexual or politically incorrect jokes, and stay with clean, short jokes or puns at first until you find more about what the character of the girl you’re after.

Do girls find good looks attractive? Yes, they do, but it’s not as important as you think. While looks help a lot to start a relationship, they do very little to sustain it. Moreover, women connect good grooming with both your looks and your character.

So, there you are. I hope these tips help up you get the girl of your dreams. If you’d like to see more specific information that is more appropriate to your circumstances, please take a look at the articles in our blog. We feature dating tips and guides of many types. I’m sure you’ll find something that applies to your situation and that’ll help you get the girl of your dreams.

Happy dating!

How to Attract a Girl?

There isn’t a clear response to this question, as what some women find interesting in a man, others would find unattractive. However, there are basic tips you can follow when you want to attract a girl.

First of all, clean your act. Take a shower, brush your teeth, polish your shoes, iron your clothes, comb your hair, etc. Women think grooming is a sign of how a man views himself. Therefore sloppiness will make them think you just don’t care about yourself, much less for someone else. On the contrary, women find attractive a man who takes care of his image because they think it’s a sign of self esteem and confidence.

Another good tip on how to attract a girl is being confident about yourself. Of course, this can be hard if you haven’t had much luck with women before. If that’s your case, then don’t try to impress them, rather, bring some friends, and try to make her group join your group. Do and say the things that your friends like you for. Women will find you more attractive being confident on what you already do well than being nervous when talking to someone that intimidates you.

Finally, set some limits. A lot of guys just do whatever the girl wants when they try to attract a girl. That makes them think they can demand anything and they will quickly lose their interest. On the other hand, women find attractive men who are considerate, but let women know that there are limits they will not cross. Moreover, the way you act on your first dates will set the norm for the relationship. For example, if you let her stand you up without a call, then she will think that’s acceptable behavior in the future.

So there, I hope these tips can help you attract a girl without being so nervous or anxious about it.